VAT included

Fragrant bouquet of liliums and ornamental greens. As a finishing touch it is presented with elegant wrapping and butterfly detail or similar, according to the season. The perfect gift for any occasion and an irresistible natural air freshener.

In the pictures

Example of large white liliums bouquet.

Example of medium sized pink liliums bouquet.

In Stock

Our floral compositions responded to the best criteria of quality and aesthetics so, for the sake of their best preservation, they are delivered perfectly hydrated and maintained in water. We also include in all our works a preservative flower-food sachet to optimize the product and its duration.Bouquet made by florist artisans.

Conservation tips

Cut the stems every day, minimum 1 centimeter and obliquely. In this way the flowers will absorb better and faster the water it needs to be hydrated.

The stamens of the liliums when dried give off an orange pollen, which can stain the surrounding flowers and surfaces. However, they can be easily removed with the fingers in their initial phase.

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